Outlook "Run a script" dialog box empty (Outlook 2016)

Feb 21, 2017
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Hi all,

I realize that this story is older than Shakespearian tragedies but somehow Microsoft manages to give it a whole new spin with each new release.

I ran into this problem after trying to share a VBA project with my colleagues. It's a rather simple script intended to parse and purge incoming emails, declared as a public sub:

Public Sub CCInfoPurge(MyMsg As Outlook.MailItem)

While it works perfectly on my own computer, I can't get it to run on anybody else's. I shared VbaProject.OTM with them and while it worked for shorter test scripts (doing nothing but show a MsgBox, for example), it fails for the actual thing.
Security settings are similar on both PCs, all necessary references checked and prioritized similarly. The only thing differing is Office 2k16 build (Professional for me, Petit Enterprise for them).
Please advise what I could've missed.


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