RTM Launch Copy and Upgrade Install



I have a Launch distributed copy of Vista Ultimate that is now no longer able
to get updates. (Build 6.0.5840.xxxx) I understand that I can get an
Upgrade Ultimate disk and do an install preserving settings. Currently the
install is on a second hard drive dual boot. I have hops to build a new PC
later next year so.....My question are...

1) Next year when I delete the install from the current dual boot and move
to the new Vista only PC would I still be able to install the RTM then the
upgrade copy I need to purchase?

2) Or is this only good for one install now before the August 2007 dead line?

Thank you




Richard G. Harper

If I were you I would just buy the full version and be done with it. At
some point your beta/preview version won't even install or activate any
longer - probably about the time you want to move the whole mess to the new

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User] (e-mail address removed)
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