RRAS starting problem


Pascal Letourneau

I have an error message when I try to start RRAS.

It was working fine
Then I changed a remote access policy
Then I tried to restart the server and it never did

The error message in event viewer is:
Source : Service Control
Event ID : 7024
Description : Routing and Remote Access Service did not
start with service-error 499

I did not found any documentation on that error.

I have Rebooted several times
I have installed SP4 (and rebooted)
I have deactivated rebooted reactivated (several times)
I followed instructions in KB article 317158 and 329719
without luck

The computer is a DC.
I have a System State backup every night, but I don`t want
to "fiddle" with that (until I have no other choice).
I really don`t want to reinstall the whole thing. (even if
it`s not that long)

Thank`s in advance for your help and/or any advice





The problem is caused by the Remote access policy
If I change the default remote access policy what so ever
or if I add a new policy, the service does not start

The only way the service can work is if there is only the
default Remote access policy on the system.

I have Windows 2000 SP4 installed
It as a fresh new installation from this morning,
I have nothing else installed on that computer

what can be wrong ?

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