RRAS problem



Excuse the low level nature of the query, I'm just
starting out in the world of server admin.

I have a system Event from the Service Control Manager
stating that "the routing and remote access service
terminated with service-specific error 16389"; the Event
ID is 7024.

I have found one or two solutions on various tech pages
but to no avail and the service still will not start. Any
help would be appreciated or some pointers in the right
direction and I'll find the info myself.

Many thanks


Matt Johnson

The error 16389 just means that the service can not create
temp-files. The service usualy runs in the local system
account and try to use C:\WINNT\TEMP as the temp folder.
In the NTFS permissions for this folder there has to be
the user "SYSTEM" with full control permissions.

Just a thought.

- Matt

"Logic! Good gracious! What rubbish! How can I tell what I
think till I see what I say?" -E. M. Forster


Thanks for the reply, I've already checked and the
permissions are set correctly hence my confusion.

Appreciate the reply though - I'll just have to keep on

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