RRAS Internal Interface


Steven Farber

We have a Windows 2000 SBS. RRAS was working and then we stopped using it.
Now the Boss what to use it again but I find that the Internal interface has
a address, but our intenal address is 192.168.1.*. I'm not
sure why this has occured. Can anyone help



Bill Grant

What do you plan to use RRAS for? The internal interface isn't used
unless you are using it for remote access (RAS or VPN).

When a remote access client connects, the internal interface becomes
active as the server end of the connection. By default the server leases IP
addresses from DHCP to use for this (and for the remote clients). If it is
using APIPA addresses there must be some problem in getting addresses from
DHCP. You can always set it to use addresses from a static pool (unless sbs
doesn't work like standard RRAS).

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