RRAS Clients cannot ping, but server can?


James Goodman

I have a demand dial VPN which connects from a Win2K server to a remote
WinXP Pro machine.

The network for our office is
The network for the remote location is

I configured the demand dial connection as appropriate.
I added a static route onto our broadband router (with ip address to forward access to the network to
(the rras server).

If the demand dial connection is not connected & I ping a machine on the
remote network, such as 'ping workstation1' the demand dial connection is
triggered & the ping succeeds.

However, if I try this from a client machine the ping fails. The connection
is triggered, but the ping does not come back.
If I run a tracert to the remote machine from the client the packet goes to
our router which forwards the packet to our rras server. The packet then
just times out.

Any suggestions?



James Goodman

I have been testing this a little more & am even more mystified!

I have created another demand-dial link to another remote address, which
uses the network. The VPN server is a Vigor Router.

If I ping (the vigor router) the demand dial connection
connects & the ping returns successfully.

If I ping the demand dial connection connects, but the ping
does not come back.

Any ideas?


Ive got a similar problem, here it is

Did you find a solution for your problem. If you did, i would be extremely
grateful if you would let me know how to resolve this issue!!

At the moment I am using a draytek router as a VPN server for remote dial up
clients/LANS which is on a 192.168.1.x network. Our internal lan is on a
10.0.1.x network which is guarded by an ISA firewall. I have set up a
windows 2000 Router to route traffic coming in from the 192.168.1.x network
and remote dial up clients to the 10.0.1.x network. This router is routing
traffic successfully if I place a PC on the 192.168.1.x network behind the
draytek, but is blocking remote dial up clients from routing to the
network. Traffic from the dial up clients gets to the 192.168.1.x nic on the
windows 2000 router but gets no further. How can I resolve this?



Bill Grant

Have you also set a route on the 10. subnet to route traffic for the
192.168.1 network through the VPN server. Routing is a two-way process.
there must be a route in both directions.

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