Row Numbering



I'm using Office 2007, and I have a spreadsheet with 112 rows. I have two

(1) For some reason, the built-in numbering skips rows--goes from 41 to 45.
There are no hidden rows. How can I fix this?

(2) In column A, I've set up my own numbering, but line 1--the header
row--reads as zero. Is there a way to fix this so that that row doesn't
print out or show a zero? In other words, to leave that cell blank?

Gord Dibben

The row heights are set to zero?

You have a filter enabled?

Don't enter 0 in A1 and it will remain blank.

Start numbering from A2.

Enter 1 in A2...........right-click on A2 and drag the fill handle down as
far as you wish.

Release button and "Fill Series"

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


OK, removing the zero was easy. Thank you. Fixing the built-in numbers is
more difficult.

How do I know if the row heights are set to zero? I don't see this on Excel
2007. How do I know if a filter is enabled? I don't think it should be, but
how can I find out?


I figured out how to check the row height, and all the rows are set at
15.75, including the one above and below the missing rows. (The one above
was 14.25 for some reason, but I just changed it to 15.75 and this didn't
affect the missing rows.)

As best I can tell, there isn't any filter enabled. When I hover over the
top of the column, it doesn't say anything, and the symbol doesn't look like
the filter enabled one I saw when I Googled this. If I'm missing something
about this, please let me know. Thanks.


Sorry for all these posts, but I just figured out what the problem was. I
kept going back to where the rows stopped numbering, and I did find a row
height that was empty. When I typed in 15.75, the hidden rows appeared.
Thanks for the suggestion. Any idea what caused that to happen in the first


I was the only one who worked on it, so it had to be me, but I can't figure
out how I did that because I didn't even know how to adjust the row height
in Excel 2007 until today. Anyway, at least it's fixed now. Thanks.

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