Routing and Remote access



I have a PC on our internal lan with an IP of, SM=,

The Windows 2000 server has 2 NICs with the following IP's
First NIC IP=,SM=
Second NIC IP=,SM=,DG=

Pix Firewall is at IP= - This PIX has a VPN Tunnel to a second
site with a PIX. There is also a Microsoft RRAS VPN between the 2 sites.
The server at the second site is Windows 2003 with 2 NIC's.

3COM Firewall is at IP=

Is there a way to force the PC's to send traffic to the second site thru the
PIX VPN rather than the Microsoft VPN without chnaging the defualt gateway on
the PC ? The default gateway on the PC currently points to the 3Com firewall
because we want to use the faster cable modem that is attached to it. The
PIX firewall is connected to a DSL line.

Thanks for nay recommendations.




Bill Grant

You can send traffic for a particular site through a particular gateway
by using static routing. A static route takes priority over a default route.
The default route is only used if no specific route exists.

All you need to know is what IP address range the remote site is using.
You then configure a static route on the workstation to send traffic for
that subnet to the appropriate gateway.

If the remote site was using, you would give the
workstation a static route

If you want all the clients to use this route, you could add the route
to the default router rather than adding it to every client machine. The
default router would redirect the traffic to the RRAS router.

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