Round Up Numbers to Nearest 500



How can I round up numbers to the nearest 500?

For Example:
1) $10,128 - round to $10,000
2) $10,302 - round to $10,500
3) $10,835 - round to $11,000

I've tried the ROUNDUP function to example 1, using -2 as
the Num_digits, and it returns $10,200 to me. If I put -
3, it returns $11,000. So it doesn't work for my

Your help is appreciated! Thanks!

JE McGimpsey

You say "round up" but your first example is a round *down*????

To round to the nearest 500 (up or down):

= ROUND(A1*2,-3)/2

To round *up* to the nearest 500:

= CEILING(A1,500)

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