Rotating Text 180


Barb Reinhardt

I'd like to be able to rotate the text entered in a cell by 180 degrees. It
appears that this can't be done in Excel anymore. Is there a workaround?

Barb Reinhardt

Luke M

Are you wanting it flipped upside down, or just backwards? If upside down,
Teethless mama is correct, you can't do that with a cell. You'd have to use a
text box/drawing. If you just want the info reveresed, you could use this UDF:

Function FlipIt(Old_Text As String) As String
For i = 1 To Len(Old_Text)
FlipIt = Mid(Old_Text, i, 1) & FlipIt
End Function

Gord Dibben

appears that this can't be done in Excel anymore

180 degrees rotation could never be done in any version of Excel.

Let's see.............180 degrees rotation would turn the text right to left
and upside down.

I can get text to change from left to right to right to left but not upside

Public Function RevStr(rng As Range)
RevStr = StrReverse(rng.text)
End Function

Otherwise you would have to take a picture of the cell and rotate.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

Dave Peterson

You could put the text to rotate 180 degrees in an out of the way cell.

The edit|copy (xl2003 menus)
Select the cell where you want the inverted text to be.
Shift-edit|paste picture link
Then rotate this picture so that it's upside down.

Any changes you make to that out of the way cell will be reflected in the
picture link.
Jan 3, 2021
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Re-orient the entire sheet 90 degrees. Rows become columns, and vice versa. Then the rotate function will allow you to enter letters or numbers 180 degrees from each other in 2 adjacent cells.

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