Rotating a Picturebox


Charles A. Lackman


I am trying to rotate a picturebox control. I have done some experimenting
with rotating the image inside the picturebox, but I am trying to get the
affect of grabbing the corner of the picturebox and moving the mouse to
change the angle. I am sure I can implement the code to grab the corners as
I have already implemented code to stretch the image diagonal, up, and down
and for a border to appear when the picturebox is entered. The problem I am
experiencing is that the picturebox (or the location property) does not
allow for 4 points. Am I missing something to turn the actual picturebox?
I have flipped the Image using rotateflip(RotateFliptype.Rotate270FlipXY)
and Even Rotated the image using the Matrix. But that is not what I am
really looking for.

If there was a way to use Rotateflip and give it actual Values (30, 45, 55
etc.) would help. But I don't see anything beyond the 6 or so choices.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,

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