Rolling totals



I have some data I need to analyse over a number of periods on a rolling basis.

Cell A1 i select a month, cells B1:B12 contain months Jan-Dec, cells C1:C12
contain sales values in that month. Cell D1 shows the last 3 months sales,
cell E1 shows the last 6 months sales and F1 shows last 12 month sales.

What I want to be able to do is change the month in A1 and the rolling
totals in D1, E1 & F1 automatically based on the date in A1

Any help would be appreciated.



Jacob Skaria

In D1

In E1

When you say "last 6 month sales" in cell E1 and "last 12 month sales" in F1
you should have the previous years data from cell B13 downwards....

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