Robocopy Move instead of /PURGE




So I frequently run into the problem of having domain users accidently
delete files on a public share drive for another user. Then user comes
to me and asks if I can pull the file from a backup. Because we have
such a large amount of data our backup consists of.

Daily Incremental Robocopy
Monthly Incremental Robocopy

Most of the time I am unable to pull from the backup because by the
time they come to me the file has been gone for a few days and was
created less then a month prior.

I use robocopy to copy files from the share directory and purge any
files that were deleted. Instead of purging these files (aka deleting
them) can I have robocopy move them to a specified directory incase
they were accidently deleted.

Is this a good idea, or would it just be a better idea to increase the
backup frequency? We have about 100gigs of data being backed up, which
makes it more costly to do daily backups and keeping the backups for a

Or is there a VBscript that will compare 2 directories and then copy
the difference to a specified folder, or could I do that with a
seperate robocopy script?

Thanks for taking the time to read my long post. Any help is



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