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North Coast Sea Foods

Using Windows Server 2003 Enterprise with Clients that are XP Professional.

I have several users setup in the Domain Admin group.

They all have Roaming Profiles. When I remove them from the Domain Admin
group, their roaming profiles do not show up on the client computer

Question 1 - Why does it matter whether or not they are in the Domain Admin

Question 2 - Shouldn't their profile follow them from computer to
computer - thats basic!?

Comment - When I add them back to the Domain Admin Group - all is perfect??

Any thoughts appreciated, I have been trying to figure this one out for a
couple months now.



You may wish to ask your question in
As your question relates to the server, not the clients.

As far as I know, users do not need to be a member of the Domain Admin
group, they are not a member of this group on my domain either.
As an example my users are however, member of the Domain Users group.

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