RIS install failing


Ryan Stevens

I'm trying to install RIS on a Windows 2003 server. The RIS component
installs fine. But when running the setup, it fails trying to start the SIS
Groveler service. I've tried to start this service manually and indeed it
wont start. We recently applied the recommended file server security group
policies from MS (downloaded from Technet). I modified the GPO to allow the
RIS, SIS Groveler and TFTP service to be set to automatic. What else could
be preventing the groveler from starting? When the setup fails it also skips
the last step of authorising the DHCP service. We have a DCHP service
already authorised in AD on another machine. But I'm assuming that this
missing step does something else vital. Our PXE test machine never find an
image to boot from. Please help.



Bryce Milton [MS]

The SIS groveler typically doesn't like to single-instance the boot drive -
What's the drive layout of the system?


Ryan Stevens

The drives are as follows:

Disk 0 Basic
C:\ 6GB
D:\ 160GB
E:\ 110GB

Disk 1 Dynamic
M:\ 280GB <- RIS images installed here

Disk 2 Dyanmic
N:\ 280GB

Disk 3

2 other Missing drives - removable drive not currently in machine

Ryan Stevens

More info:

In the event log it complains that no partition has SIS installed? How do I
install this? I've just built the Windows 2003 box which has the file server
role and I've just added the RIS component.

Ryan Stevens

Given that I cant get the Groveler service to start, can I skip this step
and manually complete the install? The next step was to authorise the DHCP
server. We already have an authorised DHCP server on another box? What
settings do I did to manually make of that box? Do I have to specify any
BOOTP or scope setting?



NIC Student

You also have to authorize the RIS server by opening the DHCP snap-in and
authorizing the RIS server by IP address.

However, if the Groveler isn't running, I don't think your RIS will be
successful. You may need to either open a case with MS Support or give us
some more facts about the RIS server event logs.


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