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Nathan Franklin


I am using a RichInk Implementation for the compact framework and I am
copying the PWI data over to the desktop and converting it to RTF format by
streaming the data out using the RICHINK.dll library. The RTF data I
retrieve out of the PWI data is the following:

{\rtf1\ansi \deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0\fprq0
Tahoma;}{\f1\froman\fcharset2\fprq2 Symbol;}{\f2\fswiss\fcharset204\fprq2

\f0 \fs20 \f0 {\field{\*\fldinst {HYPERLINK http://a0.1.Good
condition}}{\fldrslt { \ul \cf7 a0.1.Good condition}}}{\field{\*\fldinst
{HYPERLINK http://,}}{\fldrslt { \ul \cf7 ,}}}\fs18 \f0
\par }

This is fine, but my problem comes in with Hyperlinks, when i set the RTF
property of the RichTextBox control, my hyperlinks show up blue and are
underlined, but they arnt actually a link. How can I fix this problem, I
thought the RTF above (\field item in particular) would be enough to convert
it to a link. (Is this the proper way to insert a link with RTF:
{\field{\*\fldinst {HYPERLINK http://a0.1.Good condition}}{\fldrslt { \ul
\cf7 a0.1.Good condition}}} , this is how it is exported from the RichInk
DLL file.)

Also how can i export this RTF data after I have finished with it in the
RichTextBox and then set it to the RichTextBox again and keep link

I can't use AutoDetectURL's property because as you can see in the rtf above
I am inserting links like "a0.1.Good COndition" and another link in the
above example is ",".

Also is ther a way that I can select the link text when it has been clicked.

Would I need to use CFM_LINK or CFE_LINK and if so, can you give me some
examples please.


Kind Regards


Ross Culver

Nathan, I tried to send you the following directly, but it failed:


This is not related to your post in the subject line, but rather to a post
you did back in May.

You posted a question that started like this:

"No such interface supported - Nathan Franklin

21-May-07 02:31:07

Hello LIST,

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!! I am trying to fix my visual studio installation, I
dont know what has happened, but I have lost SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO FIX THIS
PROBLEM WITHOUT ANY SUCCESS. And especially when you are self employed every
minute can count, . . . "

I'm getting the same error when after stopping and restarting the Full-Text
Engine and then trying to create a new full-text catalog.

Did you get an answer to your problem?


(e-mail address removed)

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