Review of Lookout - smart email search


Matt Stephens

You might find this review of Lookout worth a look.

From the review:

"Searching Outlook is one of those tiresome, time-consuming chores
that can grind your work to a halt. You suddenly find that you can't
proceed because that one vital piece of information is buried away in
a 6-month old email somewhere. So with heavy heart, you pull up
Outlook's "dog-o-matic(TM)" search panel, type some text that you hope
appeared in the email; and, as if by magic, twenty minutes later you
find that there are over 300 matching emails, but not including the
one you need.

"As the name suggests, Lookout turns Outlook on its head. It fixes all
the things that are horribly broken about Outlook's search function.
Currently in beta (free download!), Lookout is a smart product that
deserves to do well."

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