reverse lookup records not being purged



Running win2k DNS, have many reverse lookup zones with duplicate ptr
records. I have the zones set to purge at default interval, but when I look
at some of the duplicate records some of them are not set to purge when the
record becomes stale. Dynamic updates are set to yes, my DHCP server is in
the dnsupdateproxy group. Is there a way to make sure all records registered
are set to purge when they become stale?



I recommend enabling the 002 Microsoft option on the DHCP Server fo
'Microsoft Release DHCP Lease On Shutdown Option'. I walked Sub
through getting there in the DHCP Server UI via Scope Options. Thi
option should be set to 1.

Also set the scavenging period to more than the lease period
and Make the following registry change on the DHCP server.
to 60
from the default value of 1440 ( 1 day)


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