Return result of IF logical test in a different cell



Is there a way to return the result of an IF logical test in a cell OTHER
than the cell that the formula is typed in?

For example, if A1 = apples and I want to check this using an IF statement
in C1 I write =IF(A1="apples" ,"yes"), but I want "yes" to appear in B1, not
C1. Is this possible? I tried C1 =IF(A1="apples" , B1="yes")...but no luck.

This is driving me absolutely crazy, since I'm sure there must be a way to
do this. So any input will be much appreciated. Thanks!!



T. Valko

in C1 I write =IF(A1="apples" ,"yes"),
but I want "yes" to appear in B1
Is this possible?

No. You'd have to put the formula in cell B1. A formula can only produce a
result in the cell that contains the formula. A formula can't "push" a
result to another cell.

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