Return Reference to VLOOKUP



Hello I tried to search the forums for a long time but could not find a
answer to this question. Your help is much appreciated,

In a worksheet A1 thru A10 is filled with a thru J
B1 thru B10 is filled witth 1 thru 10

i use c1 = vlookup("C",A1:B10;2) to return 3 to cell C1
then i use c2 = vlookup("I",A1:B10;2) to return 9 to cell C2. I woul
like to fill cell C3 with the averge of values from column B that occu
between the first lookup (3) and the secound lookup (9) what do i nee
to substitute instead of blank1 and blank2 in this formula c3
average(blank1:blank2) to make this work where blank1 is the cell i
which it found the 3 and blank2 is the cell in which it found 9?

Thanks a ton



Aladin Akyurek


Note that this formula effects an inclusive between.

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