return ADO record set from Add-In?




I've been trying to return an ADO recorset from an Add-In. Maybe there are
some fundamental reasons why that doesn't work? I'm new to ADO.

I've gotten it to return, but haven't been able to access the data. It
tells me that it can't perform that operation when the connection is closed,

The reason that I had wanted to do it is that the Add-In is in part an
attempt to mask the connection usernname/password to the database.

I've been able to set a pivot cache to the ADO recordset, and have that work

but, I don't seem to be able to return the recordset to the calling code
control, to do anything else with it, outside of the Add-In.

Is that possible?

Also, is it possible to add another field to the recordset and populate that
with some data derived from a field in the recorset, and a table in an Excel
sheet? It would be doing a vlookup from a field, to the table.

I'm also open to other approaches.

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