Retrieving data from webbrowser



Hi all,

I got one web application where i enter username and password and send it to
another website via httppost
in response i get reply: user logged in successful and i capture this
response in a label in my web application

Now i got another PDA application which runs on windows mobile and i got
webbrowser in it

I open my website from webbrowser in PDA application and i can see all this
things i can enter username and password
and i get response back but this in in webbrowser.

Now i want to capture or get data of my label(where i get response: user
logged in successful) into my PDA application
written in C# in .net Compact framework i use VS2005 .net 3.5

If anyone can help me how do i capture value of label from my website into
my PDA application






You can write and call an activeX object from your webpage.
In this activeX control you can use some form of interprocess communication
to communicate to your application.

Not sure if this is the best solution, but its a possibility....

Kind Regards,

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