retrieveing deleted contacts



in the 'view by caegory' screen. I deleted catagories of which were some
contacts, thinking that only the category would be deleted from the
contact...unfortunately the contacts were deleted as well (i did not
comprehend the warning :( ). is there anyway to get them back. i searched in
the deleted items folder in mail but they are not there. is there a deleted
folder for contacts?

Since the contacts were on my iphone i then decided it would be wise to sync
the two....i was wrong! now they are no longer on my iphone!!! and of course
i have no current back up and have no idea how to search my last backup or
archive...i had a years worth of notes associated with these contacts.

PLEASE HELP! and Thank You

Russ Valentine

All deleted Outlook items go to the Deleted Items Folder, including
Contacts. If you also deleted them from there, they are gone and will need
to be restored from your most recent backup.

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