Restrict percents so they will not show decimal (i.e. 61% not 61.2

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I have a database I use to maintain a testing score database. First I
calculate the percentages, and, yes, I do store them in my DB because I
continually perform statistical analysis on them. I have suppressed the
decimal in my table view by setting up the fields in design view with no
decimal places however, I use a make table query to filter out certain test
dates, then I use a Word Merge letter to provide results, but the percentages
are coming out with a long string of decimal places in my newly made table
which, in turn, populates my merge. Any ideas?




Leaving aside the question of redundancy, define the columns as
Integer data type. You'll first have to convert all existing values
to integers by executing an 'update' query which calls the Int

Rather than using a 'make table' query, append to an empty table whose
columns are defined, indexed etc as required. If this table is only
for temporary use you can use the same table each time, first deleting
all rows and then appending new ones. This can be easily automated.

More generally, when merging, if you use a query as the source not a
base table you can return the integer values in a column in the query,
again by means of the Int function.

Ken Sheridan
Stafford, England

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