restrict login by sites in the active directory



Hi All ,,,
I have an active directiry that contains many sites in it.
I want to restrict users to login to thier site only for
example if I have user1 from site1 and user2 from site2
then user1 must login to site1 only and he can't login to
site2 and vise versa.



David Adner

Users aren't really associated with Sites; computers are. The user is
in the Site that the computer they're logging onto is in.

One way to possibly do what you're looking for is you'll need to put the
users in groups that you logically know are associated to a Site or
somehow put it as part of their usernames. Then you could probably
write a login script that checks the computer's Site (using nltest or
vbs or something like that) and compare it to the user's group or
username, then log the user off if the criteria doesn't match.

Another way would be to limit which computer a user has the ability to
login from, but that's not based on Site; you have to do that
individually by modifying each user's properties and telling it which
computers it can logon to.

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