restoring toolbar after re-install


Mike Row Soft

I have to repair, and possibly re-install Office. There is a special Excel
file I need to save and re-open to restore my personalized toolbars, but I
forgot what it is. Where is it and what's the name?



Dave Peterson

It's has an extension of .xlb, but the file name and location can vary.

For me (xl2003 and WinXP Home), it's in:
C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel
And it's named:
(excel eleven.xlb)

With excel open, make a minor modification to a toolbar (to find "true" toolbar


Close excel
use windows search to look for *.xlb
and delete all that you find (or move them to a safe location if you're worried)

And remember to look through hidden folders, too. People can have trouble
finding them.

If you can't find your files using windows start button|Search, then you could
use an old DOS command to search and delete/move them

Windows Start button|Run
(to get to the Command prompt)

(to get to the C: drive--change this to the drive that excel is installed on)

(to get to the root directory)

dir *.xlb /s

The /s says to search subfolders, too.

Keep the *.xlb file that was just changed and delete the others.

(There could be multiple *.xlb files depending on your excel upgrade path.)

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