Response.Redirect issue

Sep 15, 2012
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I'm actually starting to think this may be an IIS issue, but figured I'd ask here first.

I have a website that has a search link in the master page that opens up a modal popup. The user enters a zip code and a range that they want to search and clicks go. The onclick event has only 1 line of code:
Response.Redirect(string.Format("~/Default.aspx?z={0}&r={1}", txtFindZipCode.Text, ddlRange.SelectedValue.ToString()));
This works great everywhere in the website in development and everywhere in production EXCEPT for when the url just contains the host (e.g.

If you do a search and the only thing in the address bar is the host then all that happens is the site redirects back to that url (it goes back to instead of

If the domain ends with Default.aspx then it works great. So if I'm at it'll work but or doesn't work. That leads me to think it's an IIS issue, but was wondering if anybody else has had this issue before.

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