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Hi there,

I just got my new laptop for work last week, which is T7200 with 2GB ram and
Vista Business. During this week, i found out there have few problems with
the vista.

1. I always need to VPN to difference client's network, when i click on
"connect to" its took minimum 1 mins to load up. which is less than 5 sec in
XP to open network connections.

2. When i click on VPN, even i am connected to the internet, it still said
"this connection require a internet access" and not allow me to

3. Sometimes when i click on IE, its dont even pop up, so i need to go to
Task manager and end IE that process (i think this is a bugs)

This is the problems that i can find from this stage.

ps. Compare the XP, the "connect to" methods is not ease of use anymore.
Under XP i can just start - Network conection and all the VPN connections
will be show up as link then i just click and connect. But now, i need to
right click on the LAN icons and select "Connect to the netwok"...and wait
....and wait for it pop up ....and search the VPN connection in a Large icon

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Got the same problems. At first it worked fine but after a while I got the
same problems as described in this post.

Solution for opening connections:
Goto "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections"
and make a shortcut to your desktop. The perfomance for VPN connections is
stil bad, but you have a quick list of connections

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