recently had to redo my computer due to a hacker messing
it up and since then cannot set my resolution back the
wayh it was I only have two settings there used to be
about 5 I think. Can anyone help me?
Thank you





The problem here is you have no graphics drivers installed. You will first
need to identify you hardware. Best bet, if you have say, an HP, Dell,
Gateway, etc is to look up Your hardware configuration on their website. If
you do not fit into this category or are still coming up short, try
downloading a free utility called "AIDA32 Personal System Information" to
identify your graphics card:

Download, install, then open the program. On the top, click on Information
Debug > PCI Dump and scroll thru your devices to find your graphics card.
Names to look for: "ATI", "Nvidia", "SIS", "S3", to name a few. Once you
know the exact model and brand of the graphics card, you can download the
drivers on the net. Download them from the manufacturer if available (ex. if
ATI, then and if not available try a google search ( ). Best of luck.


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