Resizing of User Control At Runtime


Jeff Gaines

I have noticed some odd behaviour in a User Control - it's a simple RTF
editor with a couple of ToolStrips at the top to allow opening/saving
files, formatting etc. with a RichTextBox as the actual edit control.

When I run my test program it works as expected, specifically when I
resize the form the RichTextBox resizes (it is DockStyle.Fill).

When I use the control on a TabPage within another program the RichTextBox
doesn't resize (doesn't grow nor shrink).

Is this an oddity of the Tab Control?

If not I've got some interesting debugging to do :)

Jeff Gaines

On 11/07/2012 in message <[email protected]> Jeff
Gaines wrote:


Further investigation shows the control behaves properly if it is on the
first tab page of a tab control but not if it is on the second or
subsequent tab page....

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