reset the nickname and automatic completion cache



WE have an employee using Outlook 2003 who suddenly when she attempts to send
an email, the field doesn't remember the email addresses from her contacts
and personal folders. i.e. if she wanted to send email to charlie brown say
at (e-mail address removed) and began to type into the "To" field the letter "c"
normally all suggestions for email addresses under "c" would appear, but she
has nothing showing. The contact is in her address book, so she didn't lose

I next attempted to reset the cache for nicknames and automatic completion,
and even though I've followed the instructions on how to reset the cache, no
file .NK2 appears, all that kicks back is two "Outlook" files/folders, one
for Outlook Internet Explorer, and just Outlook, but neither contains an .NK2
file. Is there some other way to get this person back her ability to have the
"To, cc, bcc" fileds automatically fill the contact name? Thanks.



I've solved this via the solution provided by Russ Valentine in the
"recovering my NK2 data" thread which I found after posting the below.


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