Reserving Driver Letters ???


Blue Max

We would like to reserve some drive letters for certain devices. For
example, when our All-in-One printer is turned on, we would like its flash
memory card bay to always be assigned to the same drive letter. The same
for an external backup drive and for a front load Personal Media Drive that
is removable. With removable devices, such as thumb drives, it becomes hard
to predict where some of your mainstay removable drives will end up when
inserted or turned on. So I guess this question includes two parts:

FIRST, how do we reserve a drive letter for a specific device?

SECOND, how do we assure that the device will grab the assigned drive letter
when inserted?

Thank you for any help you may be able to render.


Plug in all the devices, and run Disk Management.
Change the drive letters for all of the devices, starting at Z: and
working toward C:.
Unplug the devices, and plug them back in to see if the drive letters

Blue Max

Thank you Andy, that is a very good suggestion which I will put to the test!
We have noticed in the past that drives with reassigned letters seem to
persist, so this is a great idea.

Nevertheless, I have observed one anomaly that you might be able to clarify.
We assigned an HP Personal Media drive in the computer drive bay with the
letter M. At a later time, when the Personal Media Drive was not in the
bay, we connected an external backup drive through a Firewire port. The
external drive appears to have stolen the letter M from the personal meda
drive bay as its own designation. I will have to double-check and make sure
that the media drive bay had the letter M manually assigned, but I am quite
sure it was.

Is there any specially circumstance where devices fail to respect letter
reassignments? In otherwords, might the system have assumed that the
external drive was actually the media drive being re-inserted? Is the
system assigning the letter to the port, which would provide some
consistency, or is it trying to recognize the device being re-connected?



Blue Max

Ahhh, darn! That would have been a nice feature. While the replaceable
media may change, it would have been nice to have a letter assigned to the
drive bay, which, of course, is permanently connected to the computer.
Thank you for your help.


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