Requirements for Terminal Services



I have purchased a server with Windows 2003 Server and need to know
what hardware requirements for (7) clients, what software is required
to publish apps (Quickbooks and Office 2003) and if clients are
strictly using terminal services if they need 2003 server CALS?


This should be done before purchasing hardware, but here's info tho help:

Server Scaling and Load Balancing

Application Installation:

Terminal Server Licensing:

You'll need 1 Windows CAL and 1 Terminal Server CAL for each user/person or
for each client device. You'll also need one Microsoft Office License for
for each user/person or for each client device.

Only the Enterprise Edition of Quickbooks is supported on Terminal Server,
however Vera Noest [MVP] has some great tips here on getting the other
versions working:

Application publishing is NOT a feature of Terminal Server, so users either
run a full desktop, or a single application. If you need application
publishing you'd need an application like Provision Networks Management
Framework, Citrix Presentation Server or Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect.

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