Requery subform control to refresh list based on combo box value change


Larry Kahm

Main form: frmArticles
Combo box with project numbers: cboProjectID.
Subform: sfrmStaff (control is isfrmStaff).
sfrmStaff is linked to frmArticles by project number.
Recordsource for subform is a query that uses a criteria of

When I change the value of the project number in the combo box, I expect to
have the contents of the subform update. I've included the following
statement in the AfterUpdate event for the combo box:
Me!isfrmStaff.Form.Requery. However the contents of the subform are not

What else should I be looking at to correct this?



Larry Kahm

Issue resolved.

Removed the links between main form and subform. Changes to the value in
the combo box (afterupdate .Requery) now works.


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