Requery problem



I have a main form "FormMain" with Record Source "tblFormMain" FormMain
contains a subform "FormSub" with Record Source "tblFormSub".

FormSub is displayed on FormMain in datasheet view.

FormMain has a field "TextA" who's control source is a DSum expression which
looks up the sum of a field in a query based on values entered into FormSub.

I can't seem to get TextA to update straight after I update fields in
FormSub. I tried making the fields in FormSub perform a Requery on TextA in
their after update event, but this only makes the cursor jump back to the
first field in FormSub and is one update behind each change.

The FormMain.refresh command after updating fields in FormSub seems to do it
but again, the cursor does not tab into the next field in FormSub.

Is there a way to make TextA more 'dynamic'?



Douglas J. Steele

In the AfterUpdate event of the subform, you should be able to use


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