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Hi all

I posted this ina different group, but have had no responses, I wonder if
anyone here can suggest and products...


Hi all

In my screens, I make a lot of use of datagrids that in turn, make use of
lots of different Object data sources, in some cases they use returned
Selected data, Insert, delete commands etc, all depending on what I'm trying
to achieve.

On many occasions, would like to use the screens again but in a slightly
different ways, so what I'm having to do is go to each grid, find out the
datasource, see which methods I've used previously, go to the datasource,
see which Business object its tied to etc, find out how these work etc...
and it all proves a bit time consuming, with lots of trial and error.

So what I'm wondering is, does anyone know of a bit of software that will
analyse a page and come back with perhaps a tree structure something like

DataGrid1 Uses-> ObjectDatasource 1 Uses -->> BusinessObject1
-->> Method Name
Doesn't Use Update -->>
no Method Name
-->> Method Name
Primary Key Field
used field 1 - visible=fase
used field 1 - visible = true

it doesn't have to be exactly like that, anything that provides a quick
summary of the interactions between the different components would be great.
If its good enough, I don't have a problem with paying for an add in.

thanks in advance





Cheers Ciaran

Because I wrote the screens in the first place, and having the original
source, I never considered looking at it from a reverse engineering

good idea

I'll take a look


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