reports wont print



I am unable to print reports from Access 2000. This started yesterday after
making changes to a parameters form and a report to enable filtering with a
multiselect list box. I closed this db and opened another unchanged one and
was unable to print from it also. I restarted my computer but that didn't
help. This morning I also could not print a Word document. I can print a
test page from the printer setup window. I can also print from another
application(Quickbooks). This appears to be Office related. I also noticed
when closing the form I was modifing that another form was open in design
mode also and I'm not sure how it opened. Occasionally when closing Access
the db window will close but not the Access window. It has to be closed
through task manager. I've always assumed this to be an issue between Access
2000 and Windows XP. I've searched Microsoft but haven't found anything that
I think addresses my problem. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be
the problem?

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