Report v slow to open in Excel using OutputTo



Using OutputTo open reports in Excel. Office 2003, Access 2003.

Opening report in Excel from Access is very slow for whichever report is
opened first. Once the database is open and at least one report has been
opened, subsequent reports open within a couple of seconds. That first report
to open takes up to 2 minutes to open. I have tried opening Excel separately
before opening the first report, but it makes no difference to the time

I have not found any questions relating to this on the discussion group. Do
others experience this sluggishness? Is there something that I am missing

The code I am using is below.

DoCmd.OutputTo ObjectType:=acOutputQuery, ObjectName:="ReportCostsCondn3", _
OutputFormat:=acFormatXLS, AutoStart:=True


Spot on, Arvin. Many thanks.

If someone uses the database on a corporate computer and has the same
problem, but is totally unable to turn off the virus monitoring because the
corporate network is so tightly controlled form head office, is there
anything else that can be done to speed up opening the first report each time?

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Some vendors have a patch. You might also exclude databases from the list of
items that the AV checks.

One other thing: Access is one of the few Windows programs that uses a
header file to open, so it doesn't really care what the extension is. You
can create an extension like: northwind.liz and register the extension to
open with Access and it will do it. So you can have the AV still test all
the mdb's but ignore the liz's. Since there will be only a few files with
that extension and no virus writer can anticipate what it will be, you'll be
safe by having your AV program ignore that extension.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
Microsoft Access
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Arvin I am impressed.

So sorry im an arrogant bastard.. And I kick and scream about ADP.


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