Report orientation does not "stick"


Henry Chen

Dear Group:

Ran into a strange behavior on Access 2000 report on Windows 2000 PC. Just
couldn't figure out what was the problem. Please advice. TIA.

I createe a report and set it to landscape print format. On my form, I click
a button to open the report in preview mode. (Didn't print, just previewing
it.) The report looked fine and was in landscape orientation. I close the
preview window, and click the button to open the report to preview it again,
and the report showed up in portrait orientation. When I check the report
"page setup" property, all settings I saves was restored to default, page
orientation was set to portrait!

What caused the program to reset the saved report attributes?


from Henry Chen



Larry Linson

That is a known, documented issue in Access 2000 -- you could find it in the
Knowledge Base, but the solution is to obtain and install all three Service
Packs for Access 2000. They'll be somewhere in the
website hierarchy, or, most likely, you can order them on CD -- provided
they are still available (Access 2000 is now "out of service", but that
usually doesn't make the SPs unavailable.).

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP



Thanks for this, I've been fighting with this off and on for years now.
Only it's as much about margins and columns as it is about page orientation.
Someone also suggested that AutoName has to be turned off. But my question
is this. I'm making a database of recipes to distribute to my children and
friends. When I distribute this, if I turn off AutoName for this database,
will that setting transfer with the database, or does each user have to turn
it off in his/her version. I'm pretty clear that each one will need to
install the updates.

Thank you.


Mushman Grumby, :)

I went to the download and updates pages but I don't find this SP3. Perhaps
it's not offered anymore, or I just can't find it.

One person (in another post) suggested that the AutoName feature had to be
turned off. I think AutoName located in the Tools/Options menu on the
General Tab. Since I'm still building my database this is a feature that I
still need. When I'm done I'm going to try it. Not sure how the two might
be related but heck, who knows? On that same page is the default margin
setting. For me it's about losing margin settings and causing my reports to
generate a second page for the "speck" that was too wide for the margin
before I widened them. Please let me know if that AutoName suggestion worked
for you.

Thank you,


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