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I have a report with a subreport, output like below

Report: Subreport:
Label 1 FirstData1 SecondData1 ThirdData1
Label 2 FirstData2 SecondData2 ThirdData2
Label 3 FirstData3 SecondData3 ThirdData3

on page 1 its fine, but on page 2 the report label is disappear

Report: Subreport:
fourthData1 fifthData1 SixthData1
fourthData2 fifthData2 SixthData2
fourthData3 fifthData3 SixthData3

How can I make the report label also appear on the page 2 and continue.

Thanks advance for help.




Mike. I assume what you mean with the report label is the report header, the
report header is only printed at the first page of the report. To make the
report header print on subsequent pages, remove the labels from the report
header and place them in the Page header band instead.
Hope this helps.

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