Replacing wired connection between 2 rooms with something wireless


J Williams


I would like some advice on my network setup.

Currently, I have a Netgear DG834G Wireless ADSL Modem Router providing my
broadband connection. This sits in one room (A) next to a PC which is wired
to it via Cat 5 cable.

In another room (B) about 20 feet away are 3 PCs and a network printer.
These are all wired to an 8-port Ethernet switch, which in turn is connected
to the DG834G via Cat 5 cable between the 2 rooms. Therefore all 4
computers can see each other and the printer and have connectivity to the
internet. All are running Windows xP Pro.

I would like to get rid of the cable between the 2 rooms, but I'm not sure
what type of network device I need. I see 2 alternatives:

1. Go totally wireless in room B and fit Wireless adapters to the 3
computers (e.g. Netgear WG121 wireless USB) and something for the printer
(not sure what - it doesn't have a USB socket). Then all network traffic is
wireless directly via the DG834G router.

2. Keep the wiring in room B, and have some sort of wireless switch (or
bridge?) connection to the router in room A.

Any opinions, info, tips or advice on the above and the hardware I'll need
would be much appreciated.


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