Repeating memo field



I am running Access 2003.

I have a report, listing incidents our officers respond to. The data
comes from a query containing 8 tables. One of the tables contains a
memo field which may occur several times for a single incident listed
in the incident table. I want to list the incident information once
(time, location, etc.) but want the memo field to repeat for as many
times as there are entries (there can be multiple memo fields relating
to the same incident).

Currently, my report repeats all of the information from the incident
for every occurring memo field. I have tried changing the
grouping/sorting, to no avail.

Any ideas would be helpful, thank you.




you have to add grouping in the report, to group by the incident, AND you
have to move the incident fields into the incident group Header section -
leaving only the memo field in the Detail section.



Thank you. I had tried this before but had an officer grouping level
above it. Once I removed the officer grouping and made the incident the
first group, it worked. I was then able to add the officer grouping
above it and everything works. (Go figure!)


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