repeated numbers or value



I have data in 45 coulmns and 3000 rows. I want to know which numbers are
repeated in each row or coulmn.Please help me to solve this problem.



Jacob Skaria

If you have an index of the numbers you need to check then use the below
formula to return the number of instances.

The below will return the number of instances 100 is present from columns A
to J.

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how does this work please explain in detail as i have little working
experience in excel. I put this formula in a blank cell but no result came. I
have CDRs of multiple numbers in excel sheet and I want to know which number
is commonly used by different users. The data I have in this form e.g. a1>
9418745645, A212345678,a3>236598654.................. B1> 12345678, etc.
There are lots of telephone numbers in different columns and rows some of
theme may be common numbers. I want to identify all those repeated numbers
which are in coulmn A to Z. Please help me to solve this problem and please
explain step by step in deatil as I am not good computer literate. I shall be
highly grateful to you.

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