Repair/Re-Install Windows XP



My Packard Bell Desktop came with XP installed and the re-install XP
on a separate section of the hard drive. Unfortunatly the whole hard
drive failed some time ago. (3+years) A new HD was installed by PC
World, Tech Guys, and they installed XP from their own resources.

I now dont have a install disc of HP and I am feeling a bit out on a

All my files, (except the program) are backed up on a removable hard

Is there any simple easy way of making a copy of the XP program onto a





Is there any simple easy way of making a copy of the
XP program onto a CD?

There is no "The XP program". There are a *lot* of files (programs, data
files, drivers, etc) that together make up the OS. Just take a look at the
C:\Windows folder. All of that (including subfolders) is part of (but not
all of !) the XP OS. Quite some stuff needs to go thru a process called
"installing" to get configured right (the configuration-data is than stored
in the Registry).

In short: No, you can't just copy the OS to a CD and expect it to work.

One possibility be to contact HP and see what they can do for you.

Another oney would be to check if anyone you know (or do not know :) ) has
"moved on" to Vista, Win7 or even Win8 and does not use his copy of XP
anymore (assuming that your country does not prohibit any such transferrance
of software ofcourse).

Hope that helps,
Rudy Wieser

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