Renumber footnotes after section breaks



I am using word in Office XP.

I use the section breaks to reformat page numbers because the first page
number of the first page of each chapter must be at the bottom of the page
while the remaining page numbers in the chapter must be at the top of the

In addition, I need footnote numbers to be restarted at 1 at the beginning
of each chapter and continue through consecutively through the end of the

I can get the footnotes to restart at 1 in the chapter but can not get them
to continue through the second page section break in a continuous manner.
The continuous mode makes the footnote continuous from the whole document,
not just the chapter.

Stefan Blom

For each section, enable the "Different first page" option in File |
Page Setup, Layout tab. This gives you a separate first page for the
sections, and you can easily have the page number field in different
locations. Then specify the footnote numbering to "Restart each

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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