Rendering classic ASP into ASP.NET applications



Ok, so I have a predicament where I need to build a page harness using
ASP.NET 2.0 that will render classic asp pages.

What I am looking for is any information on being able to
programatically render out a classic ASP page to the browser correctly
from within a aspx page. So basically the user visits 'default.aspx'
and the page spits out correctly rendered content that is actually
written in classic ASP. I know the above sounds a little dumb, but my
reason is that I am porting an old classic ASP application that is
extremely large to .NET and the new system needs to interact with the
old ASP seemlessly.

I have tried using Page.WriteFile but that doesn't work too well as it
just spit the code unparsed.

Of course I could be approaching the problem from a wrong angle. Any
help on this would be appriciated and hopefully a learning experiance.


Robbe Morris [C# MVP]

Wouldn't it be smarter to just come up with a session sharing
mechanism (tons of examples out there) and use both
the .asp pages and the .aspx pages until you get them
converted over one by one?

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