removing video card drivers in Vista



To Start: I have an asus invidia nforce 4 mother board and when I want to
remove my video card driver (7900gt co). I have downloaded the newest invidia
drivers for my mother board Any way under ad & remove programs it does not
give me the option to remove the video driver only. Not there!! So I have
tried to update the driver from the internet and also with windows update. I
have nothing but solid colors and verticle lines when i try to update the
driver. (Over write.) I expect that the old driver is iterfereing withe the
new driver during install I am disabled the driver in safe mode and
uninstalled it in safe mode. Did not work correctly. I have installed the new
driver that I downloaded in safe mode. It does not show the new driver when I
look for it.The old driver from windows is still there. In programs it does
show the driver there though 169.25.. I have done every trick I know. Not a
problem with drivers with xp only vista.
Any ideas... Thanks

David B.

First, NEVER install drivers from Windows update, they are often older than
what you already have, and can cause instability. You don't need to
uninstall the old driver, just install the new one over it.

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