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I recently copied a huge track list straight from the music files onto
a word document which worked fine, but I have all of the jargon, eg.
mp3 etc too that comes after the title and artist on each music file.
As I only want the song and artist but cannot highlight each line to
copy and paste without highlighting everything, is there a way that I
can delete the information that comes after the song title and artist
on each line without having to sit there and manually delete each one?

Also, these tracks are all different nationalities mixed up, so I would
also like to list them in groups, eg Spanish, German etc. Is there a way
that this can be done too?

Hope you can help!




Graham Mayor

If you want to extract filenames from a folder or group of folders without
their extensions then you could use the Printfolders utility that you can
download from my web site. You can set the various options to produce the
listing that you require e.g. I asked the utility to create a listing of mp3
files in two sub folders without extensions. The result was similar to the

Leonard Cohen - Live In London [2009]

CD 1
CD 2

CD 1

01 - Dance Me to the End of Love
02 - The Future
03 - Ain't No Cure for Love
04 - Bird on the Wire
05 - Everybody Knows
06 - In My Secret Life
07 - Who by Fire
08 - Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
09 - Anthem
10 - Introduction
11 - Tower of Song
12 - Suzanne
13 - The Gypsy's Wife

CD 2

14 - Boogie Street
15 - Hallelujah
16 - Democracy
17 - I'm Your Man
18 - Recitation
19 - Take this Waltz
20 - So Long, Marianne
21 - First We Take Manhattan
22 - Sisters of Mercy
23 - If it Be Your Will
24 - Closing Time
25 - I Tried to Leave You
26 - Whither Thou Goest

If you are working with an existing listing then you can use 'replace' to
remove unwanted parts of text. However all of the text will be formatted in
the default language of your document template, so there would be no way for
Word to identify the different languages from the texts. If you were to
format with styles that reflected the required languages then you could
extract the texts from each language and place them together. Without seeing
the document and only guessing at the end result it is impossible to be more

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site

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