Removing leading 0s



I am trying to link two tables using the field [PONumber]. My problem is
that in one table, the PO # includes leading zeros and does not in the one I
am trying to link to.

I searched the posts and found a way to remove leading spaces but it doesn't
work to remove zeros.

Is this possible?

Dale Fye

1. Since a numeric field will not include leading 0's, and a text field can,
the first question is: are the [PONumber] fields in both tables strings, or
only one?

2. Next, do all of the records in the table that include leading zeros have
a leading zero, or do some of them start with a non-zero number?

3. Lastly, what do you want to do with the data once you get the two tables
linked? If you just want to display the data, that's great. If you want to
be able to convert the SELECT statement to an UPDATE action query, then that
might change the way we can do the join.


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