Removing Graphics for Print - is there a Print Master?



I have a picture behind my text on the slide master. When I print, even if I
select "Black and White only," it still prints this graphic, using huge
amounts of toner and making the slides basically unreadable. In color,
they're readable, but again that uses huge amounts of toner or ink and not
everyone has a color printer.

Is there any way to define something like a print Master that lets me
specify to leave out the graphics behind the text for printing? Any other


TAJ Simmons


A quick solution would be to draw a white box over your picture.

Select your white box
Draw menu > send to back

Then select your picture
Draw menu > send to back

You now have your picture behind a white box.

Print this and it will save toner/ink

When done - just send the white box to the 'back'

TAJ Simmons
Microsoft Powerpoint MVP

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John Wilson

As TAJ said

If you are printing in greyscale you can also use View > color/Greyscale >
Greyscale. select the image on the master, right click and in Greyscale
settings choose don't show.

If you have 2007 View Tab >Greyscale > Dont Show

When you print in grey no picture
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Echo S

Go to the slide master.

View | Grayscale

Right-click the picture and choose Grayscale Settings. Choose White or Don't

Repeat in Black and White View. (Maybe necessary, maybe not, doesn't hurt to

This only affects black and white or grayscale printing -- the image still
shows up in color.

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